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We offer comprehensive business law services in that we help businesses and their owners with incorporations, limited liability companies, buy-sell agreements, shareholder agreements, operating agreements, founder agreements, business contracts, raising capital, and buying and selling businesses.
The Law Office of J.F. Tinoco is a full service law firm with a distinctive emphasis on the areas of business and corporate law. The firm is thorough and aggressive in its zealous representation of our clients. The firm is committed to fulfilling its clients’ legal needs on an individual and personalized basis.

Business Corporations

A Texas Corporation and its tax friendly variety by election, the S corporation, are another choice for business owners to give their business a corporate structure and protect the owners from liability. We can help you form a Texas business corporation and most importantly, draft a shareholder agreement for you and your fellow shareholders.

Limited Liability Companies and Limited Partnership

A Texas Limited Liability Company or Limited Partnership is a popular choice for many new business owners. The LLC and LP offers favorable flow-through tax treatment and protection from business liabilities.

We can help you form a Texas LLC or LP and most importantly, draft an operating agreement for you and your business partners. The Operating Agreement sets forth important matters about the management of the LLC or the LP, the ownership percentages of all owners and the rights of each owner vis-a-vis the LLC or LP, and the other owners.

Business Contracts

We can help you identify all of the terms of your business deal that need to be documented in the contract. All too often, important terms are overlooked, or it is assumed that they are implied or already contained in the agreement.

We will try to draft contracts that achieve your goals and meet your particular needs.

We will strive to draft contracts that are free of legalese and help you understand even the most mysterious boilerplate provision.

Sale and Purchase of Businesses

Our law firm can advise you about the most beneficial structure for your business sale or purchase. We will also help you negotiate the terms of the deal and draft or review a termsheet.

Our office will draft, review, and negotiate, the extensive documentation involved in a business purchase, such as asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements, security agreements, escrow agreements, and all other documents required.

General Business

Law Our law firm will also advise you on all business law matters, such as start-up financing, protection and registration of business names, marks and intellectual property, obtaining licenses and permits, employment agreements, and all other general corporate law matters.

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